Meet The Artists

Chief Vince Jackson Haxbegwootxw



First Nations Artisan, Dancer and Patriarch

The Spirit Bear, otherwise known to the Gitxsan as the “Madeek” came to the people of Tam lax amid many thousands of years ago. It is said that the Madeek was land-locked after the great flood receded to where the ocean is today. The Madeek is a personal crest of my family, and is a constant reminder of the exploits of Tjo-ax and Yugadets, two great warriors from the House of Haxbegwootxw of the Sky Clan.

Ever since I was a small child I can remember my Grandmother, Irene Harris, sitting around the living room with my mother, uncles and aunties telling ancient legends, singing songs and re-enacting the dances that belong to our family.

Through all the years of my life I romanticized these ancient legends, songs and dances, thinking to myself what it must have been like in the olden days.

Thinking of ways I could re-live the events and capture the spiritual essence of our ancestors has inspired me to develop my creative and creation skills as a Gitxsan Artist and the ancient art form of creation I call: Gitxsando.

I believe all things are possible, if you can dream it then you can do it. So don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s not possible. – Haxbegwootxw

Meet the Owners and Artist

Jennifer Gux Wok

Jennifer Gux Wok

Jennifer Gux Wok

Founder of Ravens In Motion, Client Relations

Jennifer is honoured to be the niece of Haxbegwootxw. She joins him in sharing their family’s culture and heritage with the world. It is of great value to her that she has stood side by side with her uncle to learn the craft, hands on, in order to carry on the Gitxsan Artisan culture that is so rich in her family, clan and NW Coastal Native Art. Surrounded from birth by a talented family of artisans, singers, dancers and storytellers, Jennifer is immersed in her culture and language.

Her name, Gux Wok, means “transformation” and is what is called a Nax Nok, a special spiritual name. Jennifer has had the unique privilege of dancing on many occasions with her daughter, Regan, as a NW Coastal dancer at the UBC Museum of Anthropology, as well as for the 2010 Olympics. She was invited to Shanghai,China to represent Canada at the Canada Week celebrations in the private audience the former Governor General of Canada (2005-2010), The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean and other worldwide dignitaries. She considers each of these creative opportunities as a blessing to share her rich culture with the world and break down barriers of prejudice and misunderstanding.

Jennifer is an educator, with university training as a teacher. She is a humble leader in her community, providing support to numerous women as a positive light in empowering women. Jennifer is the person to contact for events, performances, appearances and interviews.

Brent Wi Mass Gaak

Brent Wi Mass Gaak

Brent Wii Mass Gaak

Project & Sales Manager

Brent’s long work history in the skilled labour industry has taken him around the world, into jungles, forests, high atop mountains and into low valleys. Travelling to such countries as Peru, Vietnam, Mexico, His experience deep in the wilds of nature, including the Amazon, have kept him spiritually connected, and this motivates him to join his wife in sharing her family’s legacy. His great work ethic, positive spirit, integrity and motivation fuel the success of sharing Ravens In Motion with the world. His adoptive name, gifted by Jennifer’s family at the time of their wedding, means Big White Raven, and has deep spiritual meaning.

Brent brings an entrepreneurial spirit with new ideas to Ravens In Motion. His innovation led Ravens In Motion to be a part of the Cultural Business Showcase during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, providing wide exposure to a large audience of NW Coastal Art afficionados and clientele.

Brent is the ideal contact for Sales, Ordering, Custom Order Requests and Vendor Opportunities.

Regan, Public Relations Specialist

Regan, Public Relations Specialist

Regan łgwaak Ga’alums

Public Relations Specialist

Regan’s spirit was the inspiration to create a living legacy for the future through Ravens In Motion. In the Gitxsan culture, children hold great importance, as they are the carriers of the knowledge, traditions and will carry our light into the future.

Regan is a natural born storyteller, and has a pure warmth that endears people of all ages to befriend her. She shows talent in acting, singing and dance, and has had the cherished privilege of joining her mother in performing all around the world and at. the 2010 Vancouver Olympics . She dreams of becoming a famous performer one day, and is an avid moviegoer.