Animal Crests

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BEAVER Creative, Artistic and Determined
BEAR Strength, Learned Humility, Motherhood, Teaching
BUMBLEBEE Honesty, Pure Thinking – Willingness and Drive
COPPER Wealth and Prestige
DOGFISH Persistence and Strength – A Born Leader
DOVE Love, Gentleness and Kindness
DRAGONFLY Ever-changing Life
EAGLE Great Strength, Leadership and Prestige
EAGLE FEATHER Good Luck to Both Giver and Receiver
FROG Spring & New Life – Communicator, Stability
HALIBUT Life protector, Strength and Stability
HAWK Strength, Far-Sighted
HERON Patience, Graceful and Easy Going
HUMMINGBIRD Love, Beauty, Intelligence, Spirit Messenger
KILLER WHALE Traveler & Guardian – Symbol of Good
KINGFISHER Luck, Patience, Speed and Agility
LOON Peace, Tranquility – Generous Giving Nature
MOON Protector and Guardian of the Earth by Night
OTTER Trusting, Inquisitive and Bright – Loyal Friendship
OWL Wisdom
RAVEN Creation & Knowledge – Bringer of the Light
SALMON Dependability and Renewal – A Provider
SEAL Bright, Inquisitive, Organized
SUN Healing Energy, Guardian of the Earth by Day
THUNDERBIRD Powerful & Mystical – A Leader
WOLF Intelligence & Leadership – Strong Sense of Family

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